Jok was born in Argentina in the seventies and has worked as a writer and artist since 1993. His work's been published in Italy, France, Spain, England, Canada, China, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.


As an artist for hire, Jok worked on the Horror/Sci Fi OGN The Hill and the spaghetti western series Vengeance of the Vapor (both written by Sal Cipriano) which were published by Markosia in 2007. Along with his teammates from La Productora, Jok worked on a series of horror western OGNs called Strangeways, written by Matthew Maxwell and published by Highway 62. For the American market, Jok has also worked on art for Vampires and Cells, an all ages science book, part of the Science and Monsters. This series was entirely produced by La Productora's artists for Capstone Press.

Later, Jok worked for the Italian market along with the Argentinian veteran writer Emilio Balcarce. Their series called Funeral (Sci Fi), Terminal (Steampunk), Knightmare (Sci Fi/Fantasy) and Valkiria (Heroic Fantasy) were successfully released. Funeral has also been published in Argentina and Spain. His most recent work for hire is Mixtape, a teenage drama from Ardden Entertainment, whose first issue got sold out (certified by Diamond) only a week after its release.

Jok also devotes his time to various creator owned projects. One of La Productora's book Carne Argentina (about the Argentinian crisis by the end of 2001) was reprinted in Argentina and also published in Spain, France and Brazil. For the European market, he did 40 Coffins (written by Rodolfo Santullo), which was digitally published by Aurea Editoriale (in Italy) and by Vodafone (in Spain). Later it was published by Pictus in Argentina (as an award winning book), by Space Goat Publishing in the US (its first edition was sold out) and by Jambô in Brazil.

Jok joined some comrades for Pest Control (written by Max Aguirre), a mash up of Ghostbusters and Tarantino. Mr. Winter (an all ages silent comic), Reflex (Sci Fi thriller) and Merlin the young druid (Fantasy) have also been published in Argentina (these books were written by his good friend the award winning writer and journalist Rodolfo Santullo).

More recently, some books featuring his art have been published by Space Goat Publishing: Big Game Hunters, Mixtape (republished) and Forty Coffins. He's currently working for hire for Titan Comics in a new miniseries yet to be announced. Meanwhile, his creator owned series Dungeons and Burglars for David Lloyd´s Aces Weekly is on process.