Ignacio Noé

His career’s kick-off was in the 80s, when he entered the contest “Fierro’s two hands quest” and was awarded with a special recognition in the one-shot comic category. This initial approach would lead him to illustrate several covers for this legendary Argentine magazine. And it was precisely at Fierro’s offices that he met Ricardo Barreiro, with whom he would team up to publish his first comic books in Europe… The rest is history.


Ever since, Noé has published with many different companies in America and Europe. Among the milestones from his vast production there was a series of erotic stories like Diet, The Piano Turner and Exposition (translated to seven languages by different publishing houses worldwide), the Helldorado saga (scripted script by Jean David Morvan – Casterman) and Jeanne d’Arc (scripted by Jérôme Le Gris – Glenat).

In Argentina, he illustrated many of the books in the “Grandes clásicos” [Great Classics] collection from the Genios magazine and also drew the “Julián King” series, with a script by Carlos Trillo, which was published inside this children’s magazine. More recently, in 2014, Editorial Dícese published his Life & Artbook, biography and portfolio. In 2017, with the same publishing house, he released his first tutorial: Illustration and Artistic Image.