Ariel Olivetti

Ariel Olivetti was born on November 15th, 1967, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is a comic book artist known in his country for being one of the co-creators of the adventure comic book Hunter [El cazador] and, abroad, for his work in the American companies Marvel Comics and DC Comics, on titles such as Daredevil, X-Men, Space Phantom, Punisher War Journal and, the most recent, Venom: Space Knight.


His first publications were for the prestigious independent comics magazine Fierro (Argentina). His first work for the United States came in 1995: The Last Avengers Story, published by Marvel Comics. Some other titles in which he's worked on include Mystique and Sabretooth (1996) in Marvel; and Green Lantern (2003) and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (2006) for DC. In 2006, he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics for the production of the second volume of Punisher War Journal.

He is the Co-Founder of Dícese, a publishing company devoted to disseminating Argentine talent linked to the world of comics, illustration and sculpture. They've published a collection of artistic tutorials, by renowned local referents. Two of them were co-written by Olivetti, along with sculptor Martín Canale.

Along with the writer Luciano Saracino, they've created the ICH comic book series, which has already been published in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and the United States.

He is currently working on different titles for DC, Marvel and Valiant Comics.